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All essences on this website can be ordered in the normal way, except for the essences at the top of the left hand side of this home page, listed as "NEW PRODUCTS" and "NEW HAWAIIAN SELECTION ESSENCES". These newly listed essences can only be purchased by either calling Cathie on 01884 259130 or emailing me at cathie.gaiaessences@gmail.com , with the details of your order, so that I can send you a Paypal invoice for the order. OR, if you prefer, you can place an order as usual for any one of the single Gem or Hawaiian essences, and then send me an email asking me to exchange what you actually ordered for one or more of the new essences.

Welcome to Gaia Essences. We have a huge range of flower and gem essence ranges, all in 15ml bottles, including Angel Essences & Sprays, Bach Flower, English Country Garden, Gem, Goddess, Hawaiian, Lily, Miasm, Pet, Magdalene Flowers, Overcoming Blocks to Happiness and Sacred Place essences, Fragrant Colognes, Zhi essences and skin care spritzers. Just click on the range you want to see, that are listed down the left side of the page. Please note we do not sell crystals, plants or oils.)

Our Gaia Essence ranges are professionally made with care in the midst of the Devon countryside, on the beautiful islands of Hawaii and in the Languedoc, (in the south of France). Each 15ml stock essence bottle is filled and labelled by hand from the Mother essence, ensuring that you are provided with the best quality essences!!

Please make sure that you read our information below on this home page, under the "Terms and Conditions" header on claims and refunds before you make an order, so that you are not disappointed in the rare instance of the Post Office losing a parcel in its care. Gaia Essences will not refund or replace an order over £26.00 in value, where no extra postal insurance has been paid by the customer.

For details of the complementary therapies available at "Rainbow Therapy" in Tiverton, Devon, which include Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Hypnotherapy, Reflelxology and Reiki, please scroll down to "main pages", which is located towards the bottom left hand side of this home page, and then click on the yellow button next to "Therapy Treatments available".


There are two new Gaia combination essences available. These are "Go Getter" and "Meditation". There's also a whole host of wonderful new gem essences available including a complete set of 10 Jasper essences, single jasper essences, Actinolite, Astaraline, Bastnasite, Brucite, Fluorapatite, Holly Blue Agate, Linarite, Maw Sit Sit, Papagoite, Richerite, Shattuckite, Sonora Sunrise, Stromalolite, Tiffany Stone, Tremolite, Triphane, Turritella Agate and Victorite.

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of the new Velvet Skin Spritzer. This 50ml spritzer is a unique combination of wonderfully scented floral essential oils, with the addition of Orchid and flower essences and gem essences. It is specifically designed to soften and moisturise dry, irrititated or mature skin, to provide a barrier against drying, damaging chemicals in the modern home and office environment, and to dispel anxiety, tension and worry that lead to the creation of prematurely aged skin.
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"Cathie Welchman of Gaia Essences is, in my opinion, one of the greatest flower/crystal remedy practitioners in the World, and her products are so reasonably priced yet second to none. She makes the magical (Angel) Aura Cleanse and Seal spray, that I never leave home without. Her essences are just so totally amazing, and I wonder how I got this far without them!" - Dr. Susie Anthony, founder of the "Help the Heroes Code" www.PSALifeMastery.com.
"Your website is looking amazing and your essences range is wonderful! Thanks for your work in creating all these." - L Carpenter, Bridport

In our Gaia flower and gem Essence ranges we have an amazing collection of carefully researched products for your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. This photograph shows a selection of our Gaia Essence dropper bottles, spritzers and sprays available for sale. We accept UK and international online orders with payment via Paypal.

Please note that Gaia Essences does not offer free personal advice on the right choice of essences for customers, although we might, on the odd occasion, be able to point you in the right direction for finding an essence, that might help alleviate one emotional symtom. However, there is a search button at the top middle left of this home page, that may help you to make your choice. For those living in the mid Devon area, a booking can be made for a one hour flower and gem essence therapy session. Please look under the "Therapy Treatments available" tab for details. Thank you for your understanding.




We regret that from the 4th April 2017 we have had to raise our postage charges by a small amount because the British Postal Service has increased its charges.
1. UK charges for one essence or spray now are £3.50. Additional essences in the same order are an extra 0.15p per item.
2. For EU member countries the postal charge for one item is £4.50, and additional essences in the same order are an extra 0.30p per item.
3. For International Orders Zone 1 (This includes most of the rest of the world outside Europe, including North and South America, Russia, China, Japan, most of Africa and Asia etc.) the p and p charges are £6.20 for one essence, and additonal items in the same order are 0.70p per item.
4. For International Orders Zone 2 Charges for the furthest places from the UK, that include Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea etc., are 6.50 for one item and 1.20 for each extra item.
The above information on postal charges is provided here to assist you when you place your order. When you have completed your order just click on the "checkout" box on the top right of the screen, and the postal charges will appear automatically on your invoice, before you make your payment.


Gaia Essences endeavours to post all orders out by first class mail 24 hours after receiving an order, whenever possible. This does not include week-ends. So where an order is received on a Saturday or Sunday the order will be posted on the following Tuesday. The Post Ofiice does deliver the majority of British first class mail it receives by the next day, but does not guarantee to do so. During holidays and bank holiday periods, or if an order is very large, it may take a little longer to get an order posted out to the customer.


On rare occasions a parcel is lost by the Post Office. Gaia Essences can make a claim for this and send out the order again, when the order is less than a total of £15.00. For UK goods a claim on the Post Office can only be made after 10 working days have elapsed (not including week-ends or bank holidays). Any refunds or replacement orders will also be dealt with after 10 working days have elapsed.

If you prefer a guaranteed next day delivery, in the UK only, please let Gaia Essences know, and a Paypal invoice can be sent to you for that service. Orders of £15 and over that are lost by the Post Office are regrettably NOT refundable. If your order is more than £15.00, and you wish to have a Post Office guarantee that it will arrive please contact us and ask about the price of insurance for your goods to cathie.gaiaessences@gmail.com. If your order is a large one, you might wish to consider breaking it down into two separate orders for safety against loss in the post.

Please note that European and International orders totalling £15 or more will regrettably NOT be replaced by Gaia Essences, if they are lost in the post. If your order totals £15 or more and you wish to take out insurance against any possible loss of or damage to your goods during transit, please email us and ask for this service. For European and International orders I will then send you a Paypal invoice for £15.00, which must paid by the customer before the goods are posted. You can also ask for your order to be send by DHL courier if you need to guarantee receiving the essences by a certain date. A Paypal invoice for the extra carriage charge will then be sent to you.

Please note that ALL Gaia Essences orders are sent out by UK Royal Mail Service. This keeps the postal costs to a reasonable price. NO parcels sent out by the regular UK Royal Mail service have any tracking service. UK Royal Mail does offer a special tracking service as detailed in the paragraph above on sending goods with insurance. The tracking service is not offered without insurance, which is a minimum of £15. Please email me if you wish to pay for the tracking and insurance against loss service.

On European or International orders, if you wish to claim a refund or a replacement order for goods lost in the post, where the order value is less than £15.00, please note that you will be able to do so following the normal period it should have arrived by, plus a further ten working days, not including week-ends or bank holidays. Most deliveries from the UK to international destinations take an average of around ten working days, but for the USA, Japanese and Australian markets if may take longer, due to Custom check delays.


If you have any other queries please email us at cathie.gaiaessences@gmail.com

What Are Flower and Gem Essences
What are Flower and Gem Essences?

If you feel an affinity towards essences it may be that you have worked with them in Atlantis or Lemuria some 500,000 years ago, where many new flowers were designed by humans, Angels and Elementals, for specific healing purposes. Flower and gem essences are made by placing a glass or crystal bowl of spring water in the sunlight. To it are added the chosen flowers or gems. Elementals and nature Devas assist in the process of flower or gem potentisation of the water. In England it is usually recommended that the bowl has at least 3 hours of exposure to sunlight, before the flowers or gems are removed from the water. By then it has absorbed the high frequency energetic signature healing gift of the plant or gem. It is then decanted into a bottle, where brandy or vodka is added to preserve this mother tincture. Stock or dosage bottles are made from this original Mother tincture. The Essences act as catalysts at a subtle level to help us to cope with stressful situations, and bring emotional, mental and spiritual states into harmony, which are believed by many to be the root cause of physical disease. A few drops can be taken by mouth, in water, rubbed onto chakras, sprayed through the aura, or added to your bath. See "Guidance in choosing Essences" for more details on how to use them.