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Book 1

Parallel Lives - Walking in the

Footsteps of Mary Magdalene

I have been writing a book called "Parallel Lives - Walking in the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene". I hope to find a publisher for it soon. When the book has been published, I will be selling it through this website (www.gaiaessences.co.uk), and also through Amazon, I expect.

I have set up a website called www.catherinemarylatoure.com, specifically to publicise this book, about meeting Mary Magdalene through a past life hypnotherary session. On that website I am adding some little "taster" extracts from this book.

After seven years research, reading at least 50 books about Mary, and taking six trips to Paris, Languedoc and Provence, and one trip to Egypt, I think I know quite a bit about her now! So I’ve started adding answers to commonly asked questions about Mary on the website too. To see them, just click on the tab "Commonly asked Questions" that you'll see on the left hand side of the the website's home page Of course, if you have a question about Mary, that is not listed there, please email me with your question to cathie@rainbowtherapy.fsnet.co.uk.

Briefly Parallel Lives is in three parts: -
The first part details the life experiences of James, my past life character, as he and his parents flee from Judea, and travel to the Languedoc, in the South of France. It includes various experiences of life in France, meeting Mary Magdalene, the baptism rituals, and training as one of her initiates.
The second and largest part, details Mary Magdalene’s life in Judea and France. It includes her birth and young life, her priestess training in Egypt, (including learning Kundalini yoga), the Death Initiation in the Great Pyramid, her marriage to Jeshua at Cana, and initiating the Roseline energy pathway, with Jeshua, in Paris.
The final part is about my current adventures, as I try to fulfil the task set for me 2000 years ago, by Mary Magdalene. It includes how I got started on writing the book, learning to channel, my trips to Paris, the Languedoc and Provence, and the esoteric work required of me.

If you’d like to be added to my Catherine Mary La Toure Facebook group, please email me at cathie@rainbowtherapy.fsnet.co.uk, or send a "friend request" to Cathie Welchman. It is set up to inform everyone where I‘m going to be doing talks on Mary Magdalene in 2013 and, after I have found a publisher, the date the bookwill be published. I would be delighted if anyone has any information they would like to share about Mary Magdalene, particularly on her life in France.

If you run a group that needs speakers, and would like me to do a talk on Mary Magdalene, or on my book, when it is published, please contact me by email at cathie@rainbowtherapy.fsnet.co.uk. I am based in Devon, so would be willing to travel to anywhere that is within day trip distance. My charge is approximately £40, plus petrol costs. For further afield trips please contact me.

The Magdalene flower essence range is detailed on this Gaia Essences website. For information and purchase of these essences, please click on the Magdalene Flowers range on the left hand side of this home page. I made all of these Magdalene flower essences containing the wonderful energy of Mary, on sites connected with her in the Languedoc.

The Catherine Mary la Toure website is a sister website to the www.findmarymagdalene.com / www.mary-magdalene.co.uk website. That website is designed to collate all the known information about Mary Magdalene‘s life in Judea and France. It lists a large number of the books written about her, and also gives details of my adventures, in tracking down sites connected with Mary today.