Sue Hudd is a well-known, talented West Country medium, clairvoyant and Tarot card reader, who makes appearances as a psychic on Destiny TV. She also organises popular psychic fairs in the West Country with her husband Mike. You can email her at info@destinysu.co.uk.

Caroline Nettle is a Body Talk Therapist, and also an Angel Therapy Practitioner, who trained with Doreen Virtue. Her new website www.spiritualgrowthtools.co.uk contains information on sacred geometry, EFT, Hypnotherapy and detox products. Her website is You can contact her at caroline-444@live.com.

Flower Essences and Bach Flower Remedies hand-prepared with care by Vivien Williamson. Vivien has also written the beautifully illustrated "Bach Remedies" book. Vivien is one of the founder members of the Bach Flower Organisation, which was set up to promote Bach Flower essence producers who make their Bach Flower essences according to the original method. described by Dr. Edward Bach himself. (Gaia Essences also make Bach Flower essences according to the orginal Bach flower essence method).
url: http://www.sunessences.org/

Dolores has had 40 years as one of the original pioneers in the field of past life hypnotherapy in the USA. In the past 20 years she has set up her own publishing company, named Ozark Mountain Publishing in Huntsville. She publishes her own range of more than 20 books, including Jesus and The Essenes, They Walked with Jesus, The Convoluted Universe range and her latest book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. She now travels all over the world giving lectures on Past Life themes and teaching others in the skill of Past Life Hypnotherapy, including myself. Ozark Mountain Publishing also publishes other authors' work, including books by Stuart Wilson and Jo Prentis on the Essenes, Mary Magdalene and Atlantis, three of which detail some of my personal past life experiences under the names of James, Abbe Pierre, Cathie Welchman and Catherine Mary La Toure.
Dolores' website is www.ozarkmt.com. Her tel. no. is 1-800-935-0045

This is my not-for-profit website on Mary Magdalene and her life. It details all the information on Mary Magdalene that is currently available. It includes the names of researchers on Mary Magdalene related topics and the website has a list of more than 50 books on her.
I (Catherine Mary La Toure) am currently carrying out research in the Languedoc and Paris regions on her life, both on the ground and via past life hypnotherapy, My progress is detailed in the newsletters.
If you have had a past life session done, you channel Mary Magdalene or you have written a book on her I would be delighted to add the details to this website.
www.findmarymagdalene.com. email: cathie@rainbowtherapy.fsnet.co.uk

Stuart and Joanna have published their years of research into the past lives of clients from all over the world, on the information they have received about the Essenes, Mary Magdalene and Atlantis. The information is contained in their books "The Essenes, Children of the Light, Power of the Magdalene, Beyond Limitations, and Atlantis and the New Consciousness. My past life experiences are mentioned in three of the books under the names of James, Abbe Pierre, Cathie Welchman and Catherine Mary La Toure.Their website is www.foundationforcrystalchildren.com

Val Wineyard currently lives in the Languedoc and is engaged in research on Mary Magdalene, Berenger Sauniere and the Visigoths. She has written several books, including Mary, Jesus and the Charismatic Priest, Living in Languedoc, Mysterious France, Life and Past Lives in Languedoc and The Visigothic Inheritance. She writes a regular English and French language blog called www.writingaboutrenneslechateau.blog4evercom. Her tel. no. is 04 68 75 43 68

JOY OF LE COLUMBIER flower Essence website
This English language website is run by Shirley van Weldon, who offers Reiki healing and together with Amanda Hill, also makes beautiful flower essences in her wonderful spirittually- energised garden at Issel in the Languedoc. Her website is www.Joyoflecolombier.com.